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About Us


Property is not about building, but it is about People When you have a plan of a nice place to live, work or just invest It is all about you how to choose from good location to nice Design till Renovate, Build or even Develop it in accordance with your taste and needs.

Unibel is fully an integrated Company offering professional Services: Designing – Renovating – Building Properties (House, Villas, Apartments, Offices, SHop Houses, Retails as well as Development of Office Building, Apartment and Mall) that you own for any purposes.

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Nice Minimalist House

Nice House Interior

Modern Minimalist Interior 2

Modern Minimalist Interior 1

Modern House Architecture _ Interior

Luxurious Collection Room

House Interior

House Architectural Designs Specially Hook

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House Architectural Designs Specially Hook

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Our Expertise


Unibel is fully an integrated Designing, Contracting and Consulting Company which differs from others in terms of our services as well as expertise we are providing, among other things:

Our talented and professional Team are accustomed to bringing a very distintive masterpiece of either Residential (Houses, Villas, Apartments etc) and Commercial (Office, Shophouses, Shops, Retails ect) Project for every client’s taste and needs all over Indonesia.
Even to mae dream come true towards our Design, we don’t just do so-so jobs, but more than that extremelly or outstanding wors we do lie our ow including: Architecture, Civil and Mechanical & Electrical, Interior as well as Furniture wors in Jaarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Kalimantan, Pekanbaru, Sumatera etc.
Since 27 years ago we have helped our prime Corporate Clients and Individual ones to make their property dreams happen in Jakarta and it’s surrounding. They are Housing or Villas, Apartments, Office, Building, Retails, Malls, Hotel and other Developments.
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